Our services

From top to bottom, we assure your service


After having successfully sold more than 600 machines, through BENELUX, to customers working in very different sectors, we think we can help and guide you correctly in the choice of your machines and accessories for all your tailor-made projects.

Time studies & Test Cut

For cutting tests and time studies, our technicians with the help of our manufacturers, provide you with security in the various machine tool investments that you make. You can therefore count on our team of professionals to show you how fast and how accurate are our machines.


For programming, our technicians can provide you with an adequate tailor-made program regarding the part(s) you want to produce. You can therefore count on our team of professionals to reach an adequate solution in the projects you entrust to us.


Our specialists are at your service to prepare your machines and related accessories (such as high pressure pumps, chip conveyors, bar feeders, etc...) with tailor-made interfaces that fit perfectly your needs and requests. We can therefore deliver your a finish turnkey solution at your place, ready to install.


We import for you and transport to your workshops, products strategically chosen by us from Japan, Taiwan, Italy, Germany, the United States and England. Everyday, we take every risk to safely provide you with the best of what is done on the market in terms of machine tools and accessories with numerical control.


Our specialists install your machines and related accessories such as your high pressure pumps, smoke extractors with air filtration, filtration system of cutting fluids, bar feeders, chip conveyor, fire extinguishers, rotary tools, high frequency spindles, turbines as well as suitable clamping systems in diamond, bronze, plastics etc. We can also support you, through a trusted subcontractor help, in the automation of your machines via different robotic tailor made cells and solutions.

Theoritical & Practical training

We organize in our offices but also at your place or at the manufacturer’site, theoretical and practical training according to your needs. Whatever the type of machine or accessories you buy through our company, our teams are at your service to share their expertise with you. We'll make everything to help you so that you can use all the equipment that we provide you in the most optimal way possible.

Repair & maintenance

Our team of technicians is organized to help you out within 24-48 hours. Thanks to the training they regularly attend at Fanuc, Mistubishi and at our various suppliers, they are able to solve your most critical problems within a very short time that makes our service, in terms of maintenance and repair, so competitive on the market.