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Hirt-Line Coolant Pipe System

Articulated hose system that can be extended as required which is rust free and offers a long service life. Neither coolant pressure nor machine vibrations can change the position. Pressure resistance over 100 bar. Can be used on machine tools and manufacturing equipment.

Air filter – ISI – Elbaron

High quality air filters for oil, oil mist and emulsion mist.
Including the digital filter device control system ISI-Tronic.

Bar Feeding systems FMB

Loaders for Fixed Headstock lathes and Sliding headstock lathes (From ø0,8 mm until ø110 mm) - Bar loading magazine with hydrodynamic (oil-flushed) bar guidance - Developed and patented by FMB: the turbo principle by which the guide channel is supplied with oil.

Bar Feeding systems IEMCA

Loaders for Fixed Headstock lathes and Sliding headstock lathes (From ø 0,8 mm until ø 100 mm and beyond) - The range of IEMCA is the widest available in the market. IEMCA is one of the leader on the market with really fast bar feeders.

Bar Feeding Systems LNS

Loaders for Fixed Headstock lathes and Sliding headstock lathes (From ø0,8 mm until ø120 mm) - universally recognized for their bar guiding technique Hydrobar.

Bar Feeding systems Top Automazioni

Loaders for Fixed Headstock lathes and Sliding headstock lathes (From ø12 mm until ø100 mm) - Developpend and patented the first loader with a 100% automatic bar diameter change system in just 60 seconds. The operator can manage it quickly and easily via a PLC touch screen.

Chip Management Systems LNS

Chip conveyors (effective and continuous evacuation of chips regarding the chip shape and chip material)

CNC accessories F. Britsch

Clamping Systems, CNC Tools, ISO Inserts, Floating Holders or other Carbide Cutting Tools with a TiN or TiAlN coating, Forming and Knurling Tools, Collets, Guide Bushes, Clamping Sleeves, Tool Holders, Boring Bars,

CNC accessories Fratelli Bellegrandi

Standard collet chucks, pliers for single-spindle machines, pliers for multi-spindle machines, static bases, flanges, push rods, special products

Graf CNC accessories

High Adjustable Back Working Tools, High Performance Tooling For Automatic Lathes, Round Shank Tools, Coolant Routing, etc.

High Pressure Coolant System Marubeni – Cool Blaster

High Pressure Coolant Systems

High Pressure Pump Büchele

High Pressure Coolant Systems - Suitable for connected machine tools, short, long and multiple-spindle lathes

JBS Collets & guide bushes

Collets and guide bushes

PCM Machine CNC equipment

Tool holders, tapping collets, rotary broaching, floating chucks.

Swiss Tooling Dunner

Dunnair Systems, collets, guide bushes, clamp sleeves, etc.

Wiejelo – Direct/Indirect fire suppression system

The direct fire suppressant system detects a fire by means of a unique and patented detection pipe system.

The indirect system only uses the detection pipe to detect a fire.

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